Nina's Apartment {Offspring} - Updated!

July 1, 2011

By far the most popular post on this blog to date has been the one I did recently about Nina's apartment on Offspring (which you can read here).  On Monday night's episode we got to see a little bit more of Nina's apartment than usual, so in honour of all Offspring fans -  who love the apartment almost as much as the show itself - here are some extra shots to see out the working week.
A wider shot of the entryway, where you can see the furniture to the right of the entrance
One of Nina's owl friends - remember when Billie abducted the collection in Season 1?
The galley kitchen
The lounge room
The TV area at the other end of the lounge room  - love the white sideboard used as a TV stand
The second level -  I don't think we've seen this before
A close up of that gorgeous pressed metal wall


  1. Thanks for posting these amazing pics - I adore Nina's apartment, and this is the best collection of photos of it I have seen to date.

  2. Thanks Cakelaw, I was excited we got to see so much more of the apartment on Monday night and I think these photos capture it better than the first lot I posted.

  3. Anyone know where the leather lounge is from?

  4. Love love love these pictures! Especially love the press metal wall and living area!

  5. Love the entrance!!!

    I am so behind times :( didn't know what Offspring was so had to google it *shy*


  6. I was searching Brunswick real estate listings and found that the apartment used as Nina's is for sale: